Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Misty Dawn

Tomorrow is my daughters birthday. Lets just say shes in her 20s. lol! It seems like just a few short years ago that I was in labor awaiting the birth of our first child. This is a portrait that I had done of us when she was 6 months old. There was a wonderful photographer in our town (Odessa/Midland) named Morgans studio. She photographed my senior portraits and these portraits and I always wanted to be like her. She was most likely in her 50s when I met her the first time.
She was a big influence on me, without even knowing it.
Happy Birthday Misty. Ill never forget the first time I saw you, heard your cry (she wouldn't cry, they had to thump her feet to get her to yelp.) I get to spend the day with her and going to Dallas to see her tomorrow! Its the simple things isn't it?!
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