Monday, February 22, 2010

Where Ive been

Friday I got to go to Dallas and visit my Grandsons and go to a special book reading party with my daughter, 2 grandsons and son in law. It was a wonderful night! They even had a magician/clown doing tricks. We ate cupcakes and laughed and cried and read the awesome book "How do I love you." It was a fun time! It was put on by some ladies from the church my daughter attends in Dallas. A great time.

I made it back home at almost 1 am.! The next morning Saturday our son had another power lifting meet, this one in Iowa Park and our son did great. He won 2nd in his weight division and it was a great meet! His grandparents were there and we decided to go celebrate at Cracker Barrel. We left around 5:00 and my husband drove our van with our son, I drove our car and the grandparents followed behind about a mile.

What happened next was so fast and scary. A small car was in our lane going very very slowly and my husband barely missed her but I wasnt so lucky.

I was knocked out by the air bag, with cuts to my face, nose bloody mouth, and pain in my chest shoulder and thigh.

Passerbys and my husband came to my aid and made me stay seated. A woman who identified herself as a nurse gave me some guaze for my tongue, which i bit through. Our son stood in horror as he saw his mom setting in the totaled car, dazed, radiator steaming and parts of the cars strewn all over the highway.

He was the first to call 911 The driver of the other car and her passenger were fine and denied treatment. They were worried about me and watched as I was taken to the hospital by ambulance taped to a board with a neck brace and received excellent care at the hospital. I was x ray ed, cat scanned and checked out. I was given a tetanus shot and finally released to my family.

I am very bruised, banged up and sore. But I am so thankful that angels were watching over me.

Having a collision at 70 mph is like hitting a brick wall.!

Im so thankful to my facebook friends for their kind comments, the phone calls and words of praise for me. You've uplifted me. My teeth are not loose now, my headaches are still occurring, but the RX is working and I'm getting a lot of sleep.

I just thought you should know. My husband had my camera and a video camera from the Meet and got pics and video. I'm so thankful to the motorists who stopped and checked on us, the Ambulance driver John and Scott, the nurse Cathy at the hospital, and the x ray tech and Dr. Salem.

You guys were great. Ive also had an outpouring of offers from other photographers to take over my shoots this week. You guys are awesome. One thing about having a car crash is that you find out who your friends are. What a blessing in disguise! Thanks for your continued prayers as I get back onto the road to recovery.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Dixie I am so sorry to hear about your wreck. You are in mine and Benny's prayers. I hope you get better!


-Courtney Link

Dixie said...

Thanks Courtney! It happened outside of Iowa Park! I appreciate it. Youre very sweet! Hugs! Dixie