Friday, February 19, 2010

I felt Spring in the Air yesterday

Wasn't yesterday a beautiful day? It was nice to feel warmer temps and feel the sunshine. I do hear though that they are expecting snow in a week possibly! Not sure though, I heard it from a friend.
But I saw these birdhouses at HOBBY LOBBY yesterday morning while running errands. and they were 50% off! I LOVE BIRDHOUSES. I always have. They are just neat little homes, and they are all so different. For years Ive collected different ones. And I'm a bird lover too.
One of the most exciting things was the first time a Robin made a nest and laid her 3 blue eggs in my Wisteria Pergola we had built and planted.
It felt like Christmas. I love love Spring and all it has to offer. The first tiny light green leaves on a tree, the pear trees budding out with their white flowers, the sunshiny yellow daffodils spiking out from the soil, the birds, and all that comes with it. But I have a feeling, we are going to get tricked by mother nature again. Shes going to make us think Spring is here, only to hit us one or more times with some freezing cold temps. Which always hurt the Peach crop in Charlie TX. Dang sneaky mother nature. Bad girl!
So in the meantime, I'm hanging out my birdhouses, putting out the bird seed and crossing my fingers that the Robins come back home and give me something to be happy about.
Ive got my coat and gloves still out and hanging on their hooks, but Ive also got the flower seeds and the tomato plants ready at a moments notice too. DONT TOY WITH ME MOTHER NATURE.
Ill keep you posted...
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