Thursday, January 14, 2010

Im in Hawaii!

Just look at this precious little guy!
Okay many of you guessed right! In in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu to be exact! My husband is here on business and I'm here on pleasure and having a great time.
I'm going to put everyone who answered correctly name in a box and draw out a name and you will win a $100. Gift Certificate to Photography by Dixie.

Ive got more pics coming soon, thanks for playing along! This isn't my first trip to Hawaii, we came here back before we moved to Wichita Falls, when our kids were younger, 15 years ago, but its even more beautiful than I remembered.
I love Waikiki beach and the North Shore, and the Mahi Mahi and the Mai Tais, and the local people and the warm trade breezes and.....
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1 comment:

Erica Kree said...

Oh this portrait is beautiful! What a beautiful little guy :)
I hope you have a fabulous time!