Monday, December 07, 2009

He warmed my heart....

This sweet man rang my doorbell early this morning and asked me if he could paint our house number and a design on the curb in reflective paint. He had done it about 3 or 4 years ago and it was fading a bit so I went ahead and let him. The temperature was 29 and he set up this whole set up with orange Safety cones, a little stool, he put on knee pads and had all his supplies. He showed me a book and I chose an American Flag to go next to our house number. I watched him work on it for about 35 minutes, carefully taping the stencil and painting very carefully.
I made him some hot chocolate and when he came to have me look and approve it, I invited him in to warm himself by the fire and we both shared hot chocolate. I don't know this man, but I was so impressed by his work ethic, his kind eyes and his ability to stick with something and do it right no matter how cold it was or the wind blowing. How can you not appreciate and be a little choked up by someone like this? He told me he had Hernia surgery just a week ago but needed to get back to work and was feeling great now!

I paid him and he gave me a business card and so I thought I would post his info here.
He does an excellent job and if we ever need an ambulance or firetruck, I know with the reflective paint, they will find our home easily! Thank you Mr. Bryant, you are a good person!
(He even said a short prayer with me as we finished our hot chocolate with him giving our family a blessing for the holidays!) Now that's what Christmas is all about, (and every day should be as well.)
Mr. Ron Bryant, (940)855-2876 Rons Curb Address Service, Reflective numbers and Logos. Quality Work, Guaranteed.

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