Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Magic Portraits are all out now!

The Final Christmas Magic Portraits were mailed out yesterday! Phew! We received shipments each day for the past about 10-12 days, we had to sort, double check, stuff and stamp and mail each one out and make sure it was all perfect but the final ones went out. (We over shot our due date by a week.) We really strive to get them in 2-3 weeks, but the final shipment came yesterday morning and we worked hard all afternoon and got them out.

If you don't receive yours by Friday or Saturday please let us know!!!
Thanks again, and it was so great to see all the beautiful children. We are hoping next year to have a fast professional printer there on site. It was our 10th year and we enjoyed it so much.

Thanks for your patience and Merry Christmas everyone!
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