Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nice Articles in the Times Record News for our Bulldogs

Wow, Dont you love it when someone apologizes for misjudging you.? It is nice of them to do it. and it is the right thing to do.
Recently the Times Record News wrote that Burkburnett Bulldogs would not win thier game to Burnet. In fact they said they would lose by 13 points. Which the Bulldogs won and was ahead by 13 points by half time! In todays paper was two articles, one where they interview our son and 2 of his lineman friends and another where one of their sports writers Matt Ledesma apologizes to Burkburnett.
I thought that was kind of neat. And our son did too.
Heres what he wrote.

Everybody loves an underdog.
First there was David against Goliath. Then Truman defeated Dewey. And there probably wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Rocky beat Apollo Creed.
But there are fewer places outside the world of sports where the underdog is truly appreciated.
Just ask the Miracle on Ice U.S. hockey team. Or the 2007 New York football Giants.
Or...the Burkburnett Bulldogs?
Last week, a co-worker, and avid Burk fan, told me our whole staff was crazy for not picking the Bulldogs in our weekly periscope. Admittedly with a hint of smugness, I told him I wasn’t exactly losing sleep over the pick.
I even went as far as to promise him I would write an apology to the city of Burkburnett if their team won its regional semfinal game against Burnet.
So if you’ve been keeping up with our high school playoff football coverage, you can probably guess what’s coming next.
To the residents of Boomtown...I’m sorry.
Hopefully the holidays have put you all in a forgiving mood because it seems as if the pigskin prognosticators at the TRN are once again writing off your team in unanimous fashion. That will happen when the spread for the game is in double digits in the other team’s favor.
Then again, we wouldn’t have the word “upset” if teams didn’t shock the so called experts every once in a while.
With No. 8 Abilene Wylie staring across the line of scrimmage, the odds won’t be in Bulldogs’ corner this Friday in Saginaw.
But something tells me the Burkburnett players, coaches and fans don’t have any doubt about who is going to be making plans for the state semis next month.
Congratulations on a great season so far, and good luck to the underdog Bulldogs this week.
Staff sports writer Matt Ledesma can be reached at or (940) 763-7571.

and heres an article that our son and 2 of his friends were interviewed for.
We are so proud of all of you boys! Oh and our friends in Henrietta, the team is doing amazing this year as well! Go Dawgs and Wildcats!
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