Monday, November 09, 2009

January Plans

Wow I just learned this morning, that my husband will be going to Hawaii on Business in January for sure and then onto Japan! I will for sure be going to Hawaii, but may or may not be going to Japan with him depending upon our parents plans etc.

If you know me, one thing I love to do is travel. Ive been traveling since I moved out of my parents home, (taking a Greyhound to Vegas once by myself just because!) and been to 14 countries!

Ive been to Hawaii already (our stop before moving to Wichita Falls) but this time I wont have children with us, so we will get to do more exploring,etc.

Then I have a wedding in Hawaii in April, so Ill be going back again! One thing Ive wanted to do was hike up to the famous waterfall, I forget the name of it. I think its called "The wall of tears".
There are over 50 waterfalls in the Hawaiian islands! Also we are going to go see the active volcano Kilauea! We will be on the big island for the mains part of the trip in Hilo and Kona! I'm having a great time planning all the adventures we will have! (We went to a fantastic Luau last time we were there and watching the natives dancing and doing the fire dances etc was great!)

Then later in the spring, I will be accompanying him to Italy, England and Germany!

Im so proud of him for earning his Lt. Colonel rank and for all the hard work he's put into his career. Seeing his name on the door and his big office made me very very proud of him. (well I was already proud before, but a bit more now.)

They say that the life of a military wife is a lonely one, as you move so often and you have to say goodbye to friends often, but ours has been a charmed life with staying in the our native state Texas for 15 years! Close to our families and my sister in Frisco!

Im proud of you sweetheart!
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