Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday ramblings....

I am way way behind on Blogging my photo sessions for September, its been a busy week. Going to Florida last week, got me a bit behind. Thanks to my wonderful assistant for helping me keep my head above water!

I will be uploading images to the Online viewing software this weekend, and editing orders to the lab. and trying to catch up on blogging. Our son has been running a fever off and on of 102 and then in the mornings down to 99 and then back up in the afternoon. Due to the football game last Friday in Graham where it soaked and rained on them! Ive also gotten 54 resumes recently for a position Im hiring soon for!
Its been a crazy week.
My husband just informed me about a trip he will be taking me on in March (my birthday Month) It seems that hes been asked by a 4 star general to head up a new program which will take him to England for a week, Germany for another week and Italy for a final week and so hes taking me to Europe for 3 weeks in March 2010! Its close to Spring Break, so we may take our son for part of it.
Ive been to 14 countries, but never England nor Germany (and I am of English and German descent)
I dont have any weddings that month so that is great that Im free to go, but I do have a wedding in Maui in April, so it seems things fall into place. If you are wanting me to blog your photos or need anything, please email me, Im forgetful sometimes! thanks gang,
Have a great weekend! God Bless!
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