Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scarlett Shot me!

Everyone knows the old story about the shoemaker whose family has no shoes and the carpenter whose roof leaks. Well a lot of photographers dont have portraits of themselves. Im lucky that Ive had a photo shoots in the past couple of years! One with awesome Devon Jones of Burkburnett, another with my friend Renitta Long of Decatur, on my birthday in March and with my son this summer with Jodie Goodison. Earlier this month I flew out to Jacksonville Florida to spend the day with the amazing, Scarlett Lillian and got to be her 2n shooter on a Beach wedding. She did a photo session of me around Jacksonville on 09-09-09 . It was a beautiful day, it didnt even rain once and we had a blast! Here are a few from the session. Thanks Miss Scarlett, you managed to make me look thin!

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