Monday, June 08, 2009

Prayer Request

HI GANG! Lots going on here, both Personally and Professionally, but no time to Blog right now. I wanted to ask you guys for a Prayer request. Our Beloved Dog Ginger recently had a tumour removed the size of the Drs. fist from one of her ovaries. I never had her spayed because we wanted puppies someday, just never got her married off. Now the wonderful folks at the Callfield Companion animal clinic say that its very important to have your pets spayed for "health reasons"! I never knew that!

We are awaiting the news and her stitches are healing. I'm having a super hard time getting her to take her antibiotics. Ginger is our studio mascot and our sons only pet hes ever known. Please please pray for her, she is only 10 and is a part of our family. She is the sweetest dog and so smart too. We love her dearly and pray that she gets a clean bill of health from the Biopsy.
Thanks in advance for putting Ginger in your prayers.

Since our son is out of school, we've got a lot going on lately, and with the studio as well. Ill catch you up soon!
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