Monday, June 29, 2009

Loving this rainy day sleepy weather...

I woke up this morning to hearing thunder crackling and then the rain began. Ahh... I absolutely love it when it rains at night. (Unless I'm camping in a tent!) I knew the heat wave we've been having would temporarily break and it would be a nice day.

I'm having trouble getting work done today because of the overcast clouds and dark weather. It makes you want to stay in bed and doze.
Wichita Falls definitely could use a break from the heat and I know the farmers appreciate the rain. Hope you guys have a great Monday. I'm sending orders to the lab and taking a break ever couple of hours to stretch out, lie on the floor and stare out the window at the clouds. Then up and back to work!

Rain Dixie
banana leaf Dixie
Red Yucca
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