Friday, May 15, 2009

AUSTIN Texas Bound!

Just wanted to say that Im really honored and excited to be presiding as a Judge at the Austin Photographers Guild this weekend. My bags are packed and the Hotel is reserved and were ready to hit the road.

Ive been glued to work since early March and finally able to take a road trip. If you need anything just call and leave a voice mail or you can always email me at

Our staff of Sonja, Belinda and Lauren are here to help you! Senior pics are still arriving daily, many have been Federal Expressed straight to your homes, If you have any concerns or questions email will be the best way this weekend to get me! Im taking my Brand New Lap top and will check my mail periodically. (Still havent gotten that iPhone I asked for for my birthday this past March) so I have to use my husbands Instinct or the lap top.

Anyway I hope you have a good weekend everyone, and I hope its filled with lots of sunshine and beautiful weather! See ya Monday!

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