Sunday, April 05, 2009

Prom night

I snapped a few shots of our son getting ready for prom. I tried not to be intrusive but since his dad was across the country, I thought he might appreciate a few of these. He got ready really quick, then took his date to Olive Garden and then came back here for a few photos in the studio. He said they had a great time and I heard today from Jason and Jordan Beach ( 2 Seniors from Burk) that our son was a dancing fool! He really knows how to have a good time.

His date Amy looked so beautiful! I loved her dress. It was maroon and had sequins on the bodice and a really pretty train in the back made of Chiffon. Her shoes were adorable! I wish I would of got pics of them!

They were so precious! He got her a beautiful corsage of white roses with maroon ribbon and some tiny rhinestones. It was darling. and she got him a nice corsage with white roses too! They matched perfectly! His suit was black, but vest was maroon, his tie was maroon and black striped as was the Hankie.

They had a great time and went to IHOP for breakfast afterwards with about 25 people!

Then he got up this morning and went to church and didnt complain about being tired.

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