Monday, April 06, 2009

Double Trouble!

If you are into High school Football in this area, then you've heard of Burks twins Jason and Jordan Beach. These two young men helped take Burkburnett to the Playoffs and Bi district Championship. They are great guys. They also play Basketball and are quite the athletes.

It was a lot of fun taking their portraits (its always twice as fun with Twins!)

They are so polite and were a joy to work with.

We got some great images, here are just a few, there are so many good ones, how do I choose just a few for the blog. They are avid hunters and brought thier bows with them. I admit I was a bit nervous when they drew back their bows (that can travel 300 miles per hour) and aimed them at me. But they held them tight while I got these shots! Here's just a few. Thanks guys for being so cooperative and great. It was a fun afternoon!

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