Saturday, April 25, 2009

Model Portfolio Shoot

Pictures in the Pool with Belinda Strange. from Dixie Dobbins on Vimeo.

Yesterday I did a photo shoot for Belinda Stranges portfolio. Belinda does all types of modeling and right now she is working on becoming a Bench warmer girl!

She works hard to keep her rocking bod and would you believe she even has a daughter?! Ive been photographing her since she was just a little girl and I'm proud that she always calls on me for her new images. One of her photos won an award last year and was published in a magazine! (It was called ENIGMA and it was beautiful!) Im proud that she is as nice and super smart as she is pretty. She doesnt have one tattoo and she takes good care of herself. Its rare to find a young lady (shes 26) that is Smart, pretty and good mannered too.

We shot the video and we made a short video clip here. Enjoy! More photos of her to come soon!

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