Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I love this young lady! She used to work for us at our studio just a few years ago. (seems like only a year ago.)

I brag on her all the time, She honestly was the very best "Production Girl" we ever had!

She would come into work (at one after classes) and she would get to work right away and she would open boxes, sort pictures, place them into their boxes, separate the die cut wallets, box them, and call all our clients in record time! I could not believe how quickly she would do it, but it would all be perfect! At the same time she was attending MSU.

Amanda started to work for us right at the end of her Senior year of high school. (June 2005)Now 4 short years later, she has her Masters in Accounting! No I didn't say Bachelors, She has BOTH HER BACHELORS and MASTERS in 4 years.

There is nothing slow about this girl.

She does things Correctly and she does them Accurately! Shes really amazing.
So of course I was thrilled when her mother called to schedule her portraits as she is graduating MSU!

I have a soft spot in my heart for these girls that I employ. I get to know them personally, and the leave a little of themselves in my heart. They rub off on me. Amanda rubbed off A LOT ON ME.

I'm so so proud of her.

Thanks Amanda and Donna for choosing me to take your portraits. You have turned into a beautiful, smart, cool, hardworking, funny and accomplished amazing young lady! God Bless you and all you do in the future!
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