Thursday, April 16, 2009

11 111 11:11

Okay, this is gonna sound sorta weird, but I keep seeing these numbers all the time. When I look at a digital clock it will say its 11:11, when I pull into a parking lot, the license plate on the car in front of me is 111 when i wake up in the morning it is 4:11. 11s are all around me all the time.
I just kept noticing it for the past year and finally my sister starting pointing out to me that she was seeing them a lot too! So i did some research. Without sounding Creepy, the Internet says that this is ANGELS WAY OF TELLING YOU THEY ARE THERE AND LOOKING OUT FOR YOU! Then I heard the "TWILIGHT ZONE" music Do do do da do do do da! (just kidding no music was heard but you get the point.)
So I was curious, is anyone else seeing these numbers too? If so let me know! My email is at the top of this blog. I think its sort of cool and wonder when it will stop. So have a good Thursday. Im going to the country club with my husband for lunch. I finally got a really good nights sleep last night and I feel really good today! And Ive got some great plans for next week.
We are still in full force with our Seniors right now and Ive been working long hours, but graduation is around the corner and I'm so thankful for my wonderful clients. Thanks for making me so tired! I'm grateful!
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