Sunday, March 29, 2009

Burkburnett Boys on TV tonight!

We just returned from KFDX channel 3 where the Burkburnett PowerLifting Team was recorded for SPORTS SUNDAY SHOW with Ricardo LeCompte!

It was fun to go back there. Ive been on TV there several times, and Ive employed some of their employees at my studio in the past! (mostly their Producers who have worked for me in various capacities!) Its a great station!

I'll post pictures later, but it comes on tonight at 10:30 PM. (that's in about 30 mins.) We are so proud of our Bulldogs! YEA!
Here is the video of our son at the State meet! He placed 4th in the state! he was very close to winning third!!
He lifted a total of 1,535 lbs! We're proud of all the boys! Heres his video, more to come later of other pics of everyone.

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