Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Lovely Sarah!

Lovely Sarah drove all the way down from Oklahoma for her Senior Portraits! We had such a great time, What a natural beauty. No matter how much the wind blew, her hair stayed perfect! In fact, the more it blew the prettier it got! We did crazy things like sitting in the middle of the highway (we had a motorist stop and see if we needed help!) and I think we may have trespassed once (saw the sign on the ground after the fact) and basically goofed around for about 4 hours. That's what I call a fun Senior Shoot. Her mother was very helpful too, Climbing under reflectors and holding them for me, holding Barbed Wire fences for us and being just a great help and listening to my crazy (but true) stories! We are both married to military men, who also are airline pilots, which makes us Sorority sisters in a way. (LOL)   It was a great time, ill never forget it. Thank you so much Sarah and Theresa!  It was my pleasure. Mrs. Flanagan, you've got a lovely daughter! (actually she has two!)  

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