Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Living Locket

I recently discovered an awesome company called Origami Owl, who produces beautiful Lockets! As the daughter of a jeweler (my dads the best!) I am very picky about jewelry.  I love these Living Lockets!  You select the style  of Locket, the charms you want to place in it, and other items and even the chain. It came today on a dreary cloudy rainy day.
I heard the doorbell ring early this morning to find the Fed Ex guy driving off and he had left a tiny pkg on the porch, wrapped in a big plastic bag.
So I hurridly opened it and lookie what I found!  I just love this company and their sweet style.
The founder is a fun gal, and the products are top notch and high quality!  YAY! Im wearing it every day!
 I chose 6 charms to go inside.
1. A camera, because im a Certified Master Photographer.
2. A Fish, because I'm a Christian
3. A Blingy D, because I'm Dixie Dobbins!
4. an Airplane, because my husband is an Airline Jet Pilot and I love to travel.
5. My birthstone, Aquamarine,
6. a TWO, with bling because I am a Mom of 2 and a GLAM Ma of two!
7. and the MOM, because Im a mom and I love my Mom!
I hope you will check them out! They have a facebook page too,  Origami Owl.
This whole locket and chain only cost me just a tad over $100 with shipping! 
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