Saturday, December 08, 2012

Prayer Warriors needed!

I just wanted to post something personal here. i dont want to scare anyone, but Ive been experiencing a lot of dizziness for over 3 months now. So bad in fact I fell and hurt my arm severly, dislocating and fracturing it. It still hurts a lot even after 3 months.
Mr. Dr. Has been perplexed as to why i am so dizzy, It is a constant spinning motion and i dont mind telling you that it is very very annoying and disrupting. If you can imagine the room you are in spinning counterclockwise 24 hours a day, thats what I have been going through since late August.
Its very difficult to read, or watch tv or concentrate.
The Dr. ran a lot of tests
and could not find the cause. At first she thought it was Benign Parasymol Vertigo,
but recently decided to run a CT scan run which revealed a BLACK MASS behind my right eye. Even the employee running the Scan was very upset and asked me if I had recent "TRAUMA" to my head!  To sasy the least her reaction terrified me.
She immediately schedule n MRI.  There is in fact a mass there and they are sending me to a Specialist.
I have only taken about 6 photo assignements in 4 months.
here is where you can in. I NEED YOUR PRAYERS.
I believe in the POWER OF PRAYER.
I am feeling fine except for a lot of dizziness, Im learning to cope with it.
But it needs to stop. Its hard to drive and its hard to concentrate and it really zaps my strength.
I always try to see the upside to things and I will tell you, that this has also brought my husband and I a lot closer.  The love he has given me these past few months is reminiscent of our first year of marriage. love him more than ever.
Also my 2 grandsons have been living with us since March, due to some issues with my daughter and her husband.
Ive been able to love those that love me more, Spend more time with them. and the fact that this Vertigo slows me down so much I have to be very methodical in everything i do.
So in other words Im a lot slower, but Im more organized and more disciplined.
I also dont sweat the small stuff anymore.
I've learned that I can chose what I think about. So I have to stay positive and I chose to think happy thoughts.
Im also apologizing to 2 people that Ive been estranged from. I
One of my favorite songs is called
"Blessings in Disguise" by Laura Story.
Although i dont know what the future holds I am comforted by knowing that i am Forgiven.
I hope you listen to this song and remember that sometimes life gives us great trials, but often they are mercies in disguise!
God Bless and love to you all.
Prayers much appreciated
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