Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A personal message to my Beloved Clients and Friends.

Photobucket Eagles Nest, New Mexico Copyright Dixie Dobbins 2012, "This image I shot in December is a visual reminder to me, That life is a highway, with every twist and turn, we discover new things waiting around the corner. There are bumps and dissapointments along the way, but there is also joy and new adventurers. A bend in the road, is not the END of the road, unless we fail to make the turn." HUGS YALL!

I just wanted to give out a SINCERE thank you to all our friends and our clients and family who have been so understanding and patient during this hard time for us. When my father in law became very ill in August, and we knew we wouldn't have him here for long, I was unable to concentrate on work. Our son had left for College at the end of August and that was a huge adjustment, hes been such a joy and having an empty nest does take some getting used to.

Then my father in law was yo-yoing, doing great one day and near death the next, then he passed away Dec. 9th, and it was very hard on my husband and all of us. A month later our beloved dog got ill on a family ski trip and through a series of events, she passed away unexpectedly. My office manager moved and I did not hire a replacement for her, and Ive turned away a lot of work since August. I have been going through I guess what some would call a mid life crisis, thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life.

My husband will be retiring after 27 years in the Military and there are a lot of questions to ask ourselves. If we want to move closer to the coast? Or to Dallas to be nearer family? If I want to continue being a professional photographer, or possibly try my hand at returning to school for my teaching certificate?

Although I have loved my life as a professional photographer for the past 22 years (my first photographer job was in 1990, when I worked as a staff photographer and reporter for THE BROWNWOOD BULLETIN NEWSPAPER in Brownwood, Texas after my education at Texas Tech U.)

I have cut my hours back and am still photographing, I'm just only open 2-3 days a week now. I am currently accepting weddings for 2012 and recently booked 2. I know that my absence has been confusing to some of you treasured clients, but I have just been looking inward, taking a sabbatical, enjoying my 2 grandsons that live nearby and daughter and son-in-law and reading my bible, and enjoying some hobbies that I haveput off for years including gardening, sewing and journaling.

I just wanted you to know that I do appreciate you all, and I'm sorry for my absence, but i really have needed this time to heal, and to think and reflect.

I kept up a full schedule in my studio for 13 years working 6 days a week, which was exhausting! and I guess seeing people I love pass away made me realize that life isn't all about work. My grandsons bring me so much joy and my marriage is getting better because I have more free time.

Thanks for understanding. I just need to put life on PAUSE for a bit and breathe and think and sleep. I don't have someone answering the studio phone full time like i did the past 13 years, but I do try to return calls,when I can, and always answer my emails. Ive even enjoyed chatting on facebook with some of you.

Thanks for understanding. I'm hoping in March to be back full time, with a renewed love of this occupation and enjoying some ME time and quiet time. I'm here by email or facebook (Dixie Dobbins) whenever you need me. Thanks again. Now back to that novel Ive been reading and doing some more editing of photographs.
God Bless and live each day as if it was your last because we never really know for sure.

Be Kind to one another, Love all y'all -Dixie

(PS Oh I just read a blog post this morning by one of my favorite photographers Tara Whitney. Ive been following her for about 4 years now. And shes feeling the same way I am, however, she hasnt lost a pet or family member, shes just worn out. Heres her post, i love her so much.!

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