Saturday, December 03, 2011

Tis the Season

I love making things for our home, especially things from nature! Doesn't Nature have the most beautiful things in the world? I recently made a wreath from Large acorns I found in the park near my home. (See below this text on how I did it!) Ive never seen Acorns that big in my life! (They were the size of PECANS!) And whats amazing is I had just enough to make this wreath. My fingers were sore from twisting off the rough tops that the acorns grow on the trees from. Ive been acorn crazy this year.Since my 4 year old grandson told me "I love you Grammy, like a squirrel loves an ACORN" and then he laughed hysterically for a few minutes. So now, Ive got acorns all over my house to think of him! And he and I collected some together a month ago when he was here for a sleep over.

I am going to make two of these and paint one of them and leave one natural. I made the natural one, so now time to make the other. I think I will paint it Aggie Maron to surprise our son who is a Freshman at Texas A&M at College station. Ok, So I gotta go out and collect more Acorns in the rain now. :-) Have a blessed weekend, and hope you can do some crafts with your kids to get ready for the holiday season!

The wreath weighs a lot, I am not going to use this ribbon, its all I had on hand, Im going to use Raffia, but I wanted to hang it for a photo for you. I bought the straw wreath at MICHAELS store and I hot glued the acorns on the wreath. It took me a couple of hours to hot glue them, but i did it while watching David Letterman and enjoying a glass of wine one evening. I only burned my fingers two times! It is very heavy, but I think its beautiful. The reason that you bake the acorns in the oven is because occassionally there might be "critters" inside the acorns I have heard and you dont want them boring out and damaging your acorns. The extra ones, i tossed in the front yard for the squirrells to find and store away. I hope you enjoy making your own wreath, when I finish the 2nd one Ill post images of it too! Happy Weekend!
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