Tuesday, November 01, 2011

We are booking our Family Fall Portraits now!

It's that time of year again, You walk out to the car in the morning and the air is brisk and cool! The leaves are beginning to change and the Weatherman says the first freeze is just days away!
Now is the time to book your family portrait for Autumn! We only run 2 specials a year, and this is one of them!
Why do you want to have your portraits taken in the Fall?
Heres a list I complied for you!

1. Fall is a wonderful time when families get together, ie, Thanksgiving,or football weekend games.

2. Nature is putting on its wonderful Colorful show for us! Its just gorgeous almost everywhere this time of the year.

3. Dads and Pets love it this time of the year, the heatwave is over (THANK HEAVENS) and its actually nice outside! You can wear jeans, and sweaters and actually enjoy being outdoors!

4. Kids wont know they are having their portrait taken! They will be so busy running around in the leaves and laughing and a few short quick Posed images and then more fun.

5. Autmn portraits arnt as "Trendy" as Christmas pictures. An Autumn portrait on your wall is Timeless. Its pleasant to look at all year round. A Christmas portrait is nice, but after the first of the year, most people are sick of red and green.

6. You can bring your Pets! We've had horses, dogs, cattle, cats, and even a Bird one time! Pets love being outdoors and Im great with animals. Dont worry if your dog is "hyper" or a bit wild. Ive got lots of secrets to get your dog to "smile."

7. They make FANTASTIC HOLIDAY CARDS! Your family and friends will OHHH AND AWWWW when getting a colorful card from you with all the oranges and red hues of the Autumn leaves.

8. Your family comes into town for Thanksgiving and its one of the rare times you are all together. Most Universities give students the Wed before Thanksgiving off and they dont return until Monday. We can squeeze in a few appts during that time usually.

9. Portraits make wonderful gifts. They make mom cry and grandma smile! How often have you searched the malls for a gift for Grandma, or other family and just spent hours and too much money for something that they will not love as much as a Framed Family Portrait of you all looking your best!

10. Because Families put off getting family portraits way more than they should. A Family portrait is an investment in your families future. It's something that no one regrets doing. Time marches on, Families grow up, children move away and marry and loved ones pass on. A Family portrait taken by a Certified Master Photographer lovingly retouched and printed by a professional who has made it her lifes work is something you will treasure for many generations to come. Ive never had anyone ever tell me years later, that they regretted getting everyone together. Thats why its our 15th year of doing this special. Its something you will treasure and never regret doing. If youre going to do it, then do it right! Call a Master photographer who will do a beautiful job and who provides a life time guarantee on all her work.

There you go, is that enough reasons? and Did I mention Portraits make THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT?? Call today! (940) 761-5111. Session fee is half price at only $25.00 for this special and we've even discounted our packages and Christmas cards. Only two times a year do we ever do that! Get on our LIST before all the times fill up! Each day we are getting another 2-4 appts on our books! Hope to see you in front of my lens this AUTUMN!
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