Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apologies for my absense!

Sorry I have not been a good Blogger lately. So much has happened since our son graduated from High School! What a whirlwind summer that we have had! We moved him down to Texas A&M at College station and got him settled in. Hes staying at a wonderful off campus dorm that has all a young man could want, pool, workout room, tutor!, covered parking, close to all the hot spots and fun and close to the Engineering buildings! He bought a bike and is going to ride to all his classes. He is set up for success! Of course I cried all the way home. Bawling like a baby. Nothing really prepares you for your child leaving. Its a lot harder than i remember with his sister leaving. (which was 14 years ago!)

Were so proud of him, and how hard he worked all through school and still doing so well in his classes, and football and power lifting and always making it to Church 2 times a week and still having time for us, and his friends and hobbies. He truly is an inspiration. Friday night we went to his schools football game and it was so odd not seeing him out on that field, playing every play. I actually got teary eyed and missed him more than ever. Its funny, the times it hits you. Something small like seeing his favorite Fruit cocktail in the refrigerator that he loved to eat so much, and his room. The smell of his cologne and seeing his shirts hanging in the closet. I need to find a book on Empty Nest Syndrome because I definitely have a case of it bad!

I am very blessed to have my daughter just down the road and my two sweet grandsons. Getting hugs from them and love from the 4 of them make it more bearable that Scott is 5 hours away at school. I know this is the dream my son wanted for himself and I'm so happy for him. I just really miss him terribly. I get to see him soon, so that will be great. I talk to other moms, his friends moms who have had the same thing happen, their boys leaving for college and they are just like me. They have their teary moments.

A few years ago a friend of ours, a photographer couple from Mansfield Texas lost their son in a accidental drowning in Galveston Bay. I had just talked to their son just a few short weeks before hand and was devastated to hear the news. Their strength, and faith amazed me. I wondered how could any parent go on living when something so horrible happens. When I feel like I am overcome by sadness that my baby has flown the nest, i think of my sweet friends who Lost their son and all parents who have truly lost a child and i get perspective. I realize that it isn't that bad. and immediately stop my pity party!

The good news with an empty nest I can channel more of my energy into my photography business and really get after it! I have always tried to put our family first , even though I worked 50 hour weeks for many many years! I can now truly pour myself into my business.!

Ive got all kinds of new plans for the studio and look forward to seeing more of you in the future. thanks for all of you who have been patient with me during the past year, while I made lots of memories with our son and family. You are the best. and to you moms who have a child who flew the nest recently. I feel your pain. Make plans for a family portrait for the Thanksgiving break and have something beautiful to look at on your walls! I'm booking a session with a fellow MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER during that time myself!

Thanks for listening!
Stay in focus,


M. Photog. Cr. CPP

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