Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More of the White Stuff!

Well as the song goes... "NOthing can stop the US Air Force!" Heres my honey of 19 years clearing his windshield and heading to work. The official TEXT we got at 5:30 am said to come in at 10 am. All personell come in at 10:00, but not my Bruce, He was up at 5:30 and watching the news and went in much eariler than that.

Hes been serving for 26 years and has achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel. I am so proud of him. He will be retiring in the fall of this year!

He gave up our warm garage so I could have a Home studio, so now the cars are out in the elements but he never complains about it. My friend said that he could fly his jet home and the the blast and heat from the engines would clear the snow off his car, the lawn and warm up the sidewalk too! Lol
I love you Bruce, you are truly a person who never lets anything get in your way and
always does your duty. Thats why I married you! That and those amazing green eyes.
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