Monday, November 01, 2010

How to turn a Photo in ENERGY!

How to Turn a Photo into 175 Hours of Solar Power
Like Robin to Batman, your camera is your trusty sidekick, always by your side.

You’ve dreamed of the day you could help mankind with Photon (that’d be your camera’s superhero name). And, guess what? That day is finally here.

Simply upload a photo to Flickr through GE’s Ecomagination Photo Project site and tag with “Wind,” “Water,” or “Light.” (BTW, I love Flickr!)

In turn, GE will donate:

4.5kW hours of wind energy for every wind photo
175 hours of solar power for every light photo
480 gallons of drinking water for every water photo
(They’re working with three charities to make it all happen.)

Cool, right? Your photos combined will build wind turbines to power clinics in rural Peru, give families in East Timor solar-powered lanterns, and build wells to provide clean water.

In other words, it’s an easy breezy way to turn your photos into positive action. World, meet the best photog super action team this side of Gotham City: You (and Photon).
UPLOAD A PHOTO HERE! This is really cool, let the page load first.
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