Sunday, September 05, 2010

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Hi y'all, I really have been a BAD BLOGGER lately. But a really good grand-mom! Ive been super busy with my family lately. My daughter and her family moved back to the area from Justin Texas and its been great seeing our 2 grandsons! Its been fun getting them settled into their new home and going to church with them.
We've been the past 3 weeks to our sons daughters parents church and we love it.
My husband came back from Asia (he spent 2 weeks in japan and a week in Korea) We've been attending our sons Friday night Football games and just enjoying each other. This coming week, I get to see my dad (who is 82 and broke his arm recently :-( ) and my mom and go to a cousins wedding, and then go to an Uncles Lake house.
I personally will drive over 1000 miles in the next few days.

Our little 3 yr old grandson Aaron in his new room!
I've been helping my daughter to decorate their cute doll house cottage and I'm going to post pictures for you all to see.! Its been a fun hobby of mine for years to decorate. Ive loved decorating since i can remember. My mom has a really good eye and shes the one who got me interested. I still remember my room when i was in 5th and 6th grade with my cool orange bedspread! My mom had fun colorful taste and this is how we are doing my daughters house! Retro, vintage and funky fun!
We've found some great vintage coffee tables already and some fun accessories. I will start posting pics soon!
If you are looking for things, check out Craigslist We got a washer and dryer combo for only $100. today! Ive never used craigslist before but its got some great deals on it.
Thanks to my friend Sherrie for letting me know about it!
I hope you all are enjoying the warmer temperatures! Wasn't it just a beautiful gorgeous weekend? Ill be back to blog more photo shoots and you'll be seeing more of my grandsons. My family is more private than I am and arn't always crazy about being blogged, so I try to respect their privacy!
And Happy Birthday today to my father in law. He is officially 75 years young today!
We had a great day at Church today. GOD IS GOOD! Goodnight all.

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