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Deep thoughts by Dixie and question to Mr. Jack Canfield

Maybe some of you guys remember the little scenes from Saturday Night Live called "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy". A man with a soft kind voice would say something that might sound like a deep thought such as a poem, a Haiku or some profound thought, to only surprise or shock you into laughter because it was utter nonsense. but funny none the less.
I get teased from time to time by my friends and family that I'm a Deep thinker. I don't think of myself that way. I'm just a simple girl, who grew up in West Texas to Charles and Annette and who often thought most of the world was nuts-o.
By nuts-o i mean, they seemed insensitive and oblivious to what was going on around them. They seemed interested in only satisfying either their A. Hunger or other physical needs., B.Never listening to what anyone said, only in what they were going to say next. C. Acting selfish and shallow in most instances instead of helping those around them when given the chanceand they seemed very PETTY. I worried about stray dogs, cats, kids less fortunate than me. Kids who seemed sad or neglected and the friendless and I worried a lot about the elderly.

dixie fly
I on the other hand, was starring out the school bus window pondering life and this earth. And why God made me?

And how did God make clouds? And were they as puffy and soft as cotton balls as they looked? And When would be the next time my dad would hire a pilot and take me up in those white balls of fluff and make me get butterflies in my stomach?

And where was God at the moment? Was he watching me? Making sure the bus driver kept control of that bus to keep me safe? Or was he at my dads work keeping him safe at the Plainview Daily Hearld from the horrors that I had heard could happen when an unsuspecting press man would get too close to the press and it could either pull him into the printing press or rip his shirt off his back?
What would I be when I grew up? A writer? A photographer? A Cartoonist? Perhaps a Doctor?
What I really wanted to be was an Artist. My father would bring home big rolls of left over paper from the Plainview Daily Hearld. and I would squeal with delight, the only way that a 9 year old girl can squeal when he Big strong hero of a dad would hoist the big roll into her bedroom. I can still smell the crayons and remember all the large "masterpieces" I made for my parents.
Well now fast forward 32 years later and I am an artist of sorts. A Photographic Artist. I enjoy being a photographer so much. So much so that I have earned the Degrees of Certified, Master Craftsman Photographer M. Photog, Cr CPP from the Professional Photographers of America.
But after all these years Ive experienced some burn out.
Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but I have photographed weddings all over the place, over 500 at my husbands estimate. And everything from my reporter days of house fires, and floods where George Bush (that was Daddy Bush not W. Bush) came to town in a helicopter and declared the area a National Disaster Area. (Before Katrina)
and Ive photographed beautiful infants, toddlers, beautiful Families in Hawaii and Business people of all sorts. Rock n Roll bands, musicans, artists and even animal portraits.
But a few years ago after some bad experiences with employees who got greedy and some disappointments, I sort of lost my edge. I lost my passion and I wondered if I would ever love photography again the way I used to. I mean, Ive been to 13 countries and photographed some pretty places. But I just didn't have it the way I used to. At that a time a lot of amateurs started coming out of the wood-work with the advent of Digital cameras. These consumer cameras started popping up at Discount stores like Best Buy and Sam's Club and it seemed every soccor mom had a Canon something or a Fuji something. I started loosing my client base to these inexpensive, inexperienced shooters and I feared bankruptcy or having to shut down or let staff go.
And then Sept. 11th happened.

And as I watched in horror from my couch, (I had pneumonia) and was supposed to actually be in New York City on Sept. 11th with my husband celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, but got sick the day before we were to leave. (and he was a United Airlines pilot at the time, and still is.) I truly realized that life was really short and when I saw the buildings tumble down to the ground, It hit me that everyone should be living the best life they could be. I rededicated my life to Christ and As Oprah said "TURN UP THE VOLUME ON YOUR OWN LIFE." I hugged my little boy more, slowed down and smelled the roses more. But this one dream came to me one night. Oprah had said "USE YOUR GIFT" whatever your gift is. Use it to help the world. and I knew what I wanted to do. And it came in a dream, I want to photograph people like Mayor Juliany, and Oprah and those who shape the world and who make a difference. The way that I see them. Not the way the public sees them, but through my eyes.
These people Who are living authentic lives and I had a dream about a beautiful picture book of about 30 people whom i admire. Who have actually laid awake at night thinking how they could change this earth. How they could make a difference.
I have put that dream on hold for 9 years. But now is the time. Names like this come to mind.
The leaders, the thinkers, the artists and the Hero's like Oprah, Rudy Juliany, Immaculee, (a survivor of the Rwandian Genocide) Cher, Annie Leibovitz, Arnold Swartzenegger, and also my biggest hero, my Dad. etc...

But one of the people I want for this book, or project is someone you may not have not heard of. Hes a native Texan and one of the most inspiring people in the world. His work is probably sitting in your home right now. His books all over the world. His name? Jack Canfield. Hes the genius behind the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Books. What you might not know is he is a speaker who has truly inspired me. From the first time I saw him on Oprah on one of "THE SECRET" episodes. To listening to his DVDs and reading his Success Principles etc. His no nonsense practical approach to accomplishing your hearts desire really grabbed a hold of me and I've been a studier of his material ever since.

So will I ever create this beautiful coffee table book? Some days I say it wont ever happen. I mean, Im 47 and a grandmother now. Be realistic. But Some days I say ABSOLUTELY with ever fiber of my being! I will do it! Ive seen it. I know how I will photograph each subject. How I will light them. How I will pose them. What they will wear. Clearly. I smell the pages of the book, and feel the pages turning in my hands. I feel the weight of the book in my lap. I see my parents smiling as I present them with their copy. My aging dad who is 82 now. My fragile mom. But mostly I feel the honor of compiling a book of leaders, artists and givers to the human race. Its a goal I set, and as a student of Mr. Canfields, I know that i must be positive and visualize it. So if you are out there Mr. Canfield. Can you Please be my first subject for the book, and help my dream come true? Please? You are my first choice, well, after my daddy,
Lets see Daddy first. then Mr. Jack Canfield and then Oprah. Yea in that order. Thanks for listening yall to Deep Thoughts by Dixie.

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