Friday, May 28, 2010

Whered the time go?

Scott golf 1
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Well yesterday was the last day of school for our son. So now today offically he is now a Senior!
Where did the time go? I had a dream last night that he was a baby and I was giving him a bath and he was so tiny and I dressed him and was holding him and his cute little face looking up at me. It was a sweet dream. I hadn't thought about him being that small in a long long time. I may have to break out the home videos soon. ( haha.)
He came bounding down the stairs this morning around 8:45 and told me he had plans to play Golf with 3 of his buddies today. He was already dressed and ready to go.
I guess hes always been a kid who knows what he wants. His dad is out of state this week and he is his fathers son for sure. (His dad LOVES GOLF!)
So I had to grab a couple of shots before he left.
Tonight we are going to his friends graduation and I'm sure I will cry buckets. I just don't want him to grow up. Hes been such a blessing to our family. and his friends are the best too! Well off to work now... If my eyes are red today its probably just my allergies....
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