Sunday, March 07, 2010

Our Boys won the Regional Crown!

Saturday, March 6, was the Regional power lifting meet for North Texas. There were a lot of schools there and I'm proud to say that Burkburnett took the First Place trophy! Our boys are just simply amazing. That's all I can say. From our lightweight guys, to our Super Heavy Weight Lorenzo (aka Brisket) to all the guys in the middle, they all work their hearts out! I love watching them, they are all powerhouses! The awesome thing is our son Broke a REGIONAL RECORD with a squat of 700 lbs! It was tense as the announcer took the microphone and announced to everyone that Scott was about to try to break the record set back in 2004.
It got really quiet and I held my breath. Ive seen him do it before at other meets, but not at a Texas High School meet and definitely not at a regional meet. and He did it! Everyone was cheering in the room, even the parents of some of the boys he was competing against! That was really awesome to see! They always make us so proud. And the sweetest thing was Friday was my birthday and they all sang happy birthday to me in our sons Hotel room and had a cake, which I totally was not expecting and was an awesome surprise!
We love each and everyone of these boys. They are our other "adopted" sons!
Here's the video of our son and the Photo I got of the team with their trophy's, medals and awards. And the link to the Newspaper. Lorenzo Barnes got 3 trophies!
Our Coaches Coach Thomas and Coach Major and our trainers Steve and Robert are what really brings out the best in these boys! Congratulations!
Heres the article in the Times Record News(click on these words here to read.)
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