Monday, January 18, 2010

Were back home!

Well we are back from Hawaii. It was a great 7 days! I cant wait to tell you more about the trip.

Here's a shot of me on Waikiki with the parrots. I had this shot done 15 years ago last time I was there, so I had to do it again. The guys that worked there were great, especially DINO! These Parrots are heavy but so cute and were very well behaved. except for one that was trying to nibble on my flower! haha The place is called "Parrot-Dise. " cute.

Unfortunately my husband had to work most of the days so he didn't get to go with me, and the parrots were gone at night. In the background is the famous Diamond head dormat Volcano!

It was a great trip and the weather was awesome.

I'm happy to be back home. It took me 12 hours total to get back. But it was worth it.

later today I will be Blogging some photos of the Awesome wedding that I got to shoot with Dave and Michelle Miyamoto. They were great and so wonderful to me. Their Hawaiian hospitality and all they did for me while I was there was fabulous! They opened their home and hearts to me and I'll never forget it.

I look forward to visiting them again!

Ill post the images of the lovely Michelle and Eric's wedding later today.

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Lucy Escobar said...

Dixie, you are sooo beautiful! God bless you!