Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A trip down memory lane

Just wanted to post a shot of me and my BFF, weve been friends for 33 years. Her husband took it in front of their house. Back, A few years ago I wrote a poem for her. I had never written a poem before, but the words flowed out of me, along with tears. I wont publish it here, spare you guys that. But it starts off, Back in the fall of '76, i met a girl with legs like sticks. haha.
After I left her house, I drove in the ice to see my parents and I passed through the town of Plainview where she and I grew up. I hadn't been there in about 25 years. Since I keep having dreams about my childhood there, i decided to go drive past our homes where we grew up. It was surreal driving through the neighborhood known as Hillcrest. Its really odd to go back to a place that you grew up, all sorts of memories pop up just seeing a house, or a tree, or a neighbors house or your elementary school. It was really emotional. Happy times, carefree summers, walking to and from school, my brother and sister, my parents still married, drive in movies, the downtown Granada theatre. Roller skating at the rink, The swimming pool we lived at every day from 1-6 all summer long! The newspaper where my dad worked (it still looks great!) Restaurants we went to. A lot of things are the same there. Wow. It was like a time capsule that had sat there for 33 years. Dont you just wish sometimes you could go back to being a kid just for one day? WOW. That would be awesome.
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