Thursday, December 24, 2009

Im Dreaming of a White Christmas!

So.... Yesterday I was out doing some last minute shopping for stocking stuffers, at the Finishing Touch. I was wearing a sweat shirt and was feeling down that it was so warm and didn't seem like Christmas. I was wishing I was in Colorado or New Mexico, we just love the snow, our son cant get enough of it and loves cold weather too.
So last night when my husband told me there was a 90% chance of Snow (Pilots always find out early about weather patterns and storms, etc..) I didn't believe him.
But then i awoke in the middle of the night, hearing ice crystals hitting our bedroom window and there it was!
Like Magic! It really does make it seem a lot more cozy and Christmasy when it snows.
I hope you all stay safe! Ive heard there a lot of accidents in town already.
the only sad thing is that my husbands parents were set to leave from Irving today and now cant get on the roads. Hopefully we can get together tomorrow , as the temps are supposed to rise in the afternoon.
It is going to be 15 degrees in the morning and wont melt till the afternoon.
Be safe and Merrry Christmas!!!
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