Monday, November 16, 2009

A nice thing to do...

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving this year here in Wichita Falls, you might consider adding a couple more places at the table.
Sheppard AFB airmen and women who cant go home would love to have a homemade dinner with you!

Sheppard has been hosting this event for as many years as we've lived here. Wouldn't it be nice to share your families feast and fellowship with some who are very far from home?

We will be in Dallas (Irving and Frisco) so unfortunately we wont be able to do it, but here's the info if you want to participate!
In all about 250 young trainees are taking part in the operation that promises to be special.
Which helps because for many of them, including Airmen Calvin Smith and Steven Taylor, this is the first Thanksgiving away from home.

But these two aren't the only ones looking forward to next Thursday. Both say their parents are relieved to know someone is taking them in. Open your home and play host to our wonderful service men and women!

Families must host at least two SAFB Airmen, live within 50 miles of the base and provide transportation. For more information--call 676-4370. And please hurry because the the deadline to sign up is November 21st
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