Sunday, November 01, 2009

My book for November

I try to read a book a month. I could read more, but I like to read a chapter every night, savoring each chapter as something I look forward to, when my family goes to bed at 9 or 10:00. its my time to myself. Ask my family, we have books all over the house! Its getting to be a problem, I have them stacked in the window, on top of my desk, in my bedroom in neat tall stacks, in bins, drawers and bookcases.
Our guest room has a lot in there too, as does my husbands office. Okay, I admit, I might have a problem.
Right now I'm reading "Cherries in Winter." Its a really good book written by Suzan Colon, and she writes about stories about her family. My favorite is the story about her and her grandfather and how they would go digging for clams. It was so tender and sweet, and then she has her Grandmas recipe for Clam chowder.
I recommend it highly! You can get it here at

Another place I buy books is a cheap site called

They have very affordable used books at great prices.

I hope you'll pick up a copy of Cherries in Winter, its very heartwarming. I'm sure you all have recipes and stories from your family. Food that makes you think of someone. My dad made the best "Mulligan stew" from a Play that I was in when I was in elementary school. My mothers fried chicken and mashed potatoes. My great grandfathers pancakes. The book makes me want to put on a pot of Mulligan Stew right now!

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