Monday, November 16, 2009


Letter to God and our son"

"Dear God,

Thank you for giving us this beautiful 7 lb 7 ounce 21 1/2 inches long precious baby boy, 17 years ago. Scott, you were born to us in a military hospital in Okinawa Japan. Our family was not there with us that cloudy day in November of 1992, but as a family of 3, we snuggled you and delighted in your beautiful Blonde spikey hair and your amazingly blue eyes.

You seemed to just be happy to sleep and was calm from the start. An easy baby to take care of. Happy and smiling most of the time. You amazed us you learned to walk at 9 months old and had me running around most days. You were running at 10 months, just as my parents say I was. Strangers commented on your huge muscular legs. (The Legs of Justice someone said one day.)

You hardly cried, would eat almost anything i gave you, but wouldn't sleep through the night for almost a year waking every 3 to 4 hours to nurse. Always hungry and cooing, How I treasure those nights rocking you, and your eyes staring into mine. Our private special quiet time together. I almost didnt mind missing the sleep.

You traveled well with us, learning to crawl in Singapore on the 40 something floor of the Stamford Plaza hotel. Stepping foot on US Soil for the first time at 13 months old. Your grandparents thrilled at this Blonde blue eyed toddler!

You drew lots of attention in Asia, with your Almost white blonde hair and crystal blue and green eyes and perpetual tanned skin. You didn't like to wear clothes and preferred to be in a diaper as much as possible.
You have been an easy child to raise. Always sweet, and sensitive and cared about all living things. When your friends were breaking robins eggs and stomping them in the ground, you ran home crying that they were killing baby birds.
When your friends were fist fighting and being tough and, you were watching in amazement that anyone could hurt anyone. You loved to climb things and was always alert, smart and observant of everything happening around you.

The perpetual stream of kids coming over to play with you, was nonstop. Until you met your first real girlfriend and then you preferred her company over others.
You are color blind, having friends of all races, religions and backgrounds. You are a friend to everyone.

you learn everything so quickly and effortlessley. You learned to play a guitar by simply holding it and playing around. Then a keyboard, teaching yourself song after song. Sometimes going on the internet and learning a new song quickly to impress a girl or us. You get yourself up and go to church without our prodding, and often times with out us!

We've cried with you, when your pet hamster died, when your first girlfriend broke your heart and when your great grandparents were laid to rest.

We've watched how tender you are with your girlfriend, and how you put her needs above your own. We watched you be a friend to others who text you at night crying about thier problems. We've watched you lovingly care for your car and how clean you keep it and respect the things we've given you.

You've always taken everything to the Nth degree, from trading Pokemon cards and yu-gi-oh to collecting things to everything you do. You take it to the maximum.
We have watched you train hard to be a weight lifter and win world records, and help take your high school team to the State Championship. We've watched you play football with all your might, even playing through pain and illnesses to show your teammates your dedication.
We've watched in awe as you have been selected twice for the National Honor Society and how you strive hard for excellence.
We've seen you quietly reading your bible in your bedroom at night fighting sleep to finish what you started.
Its been our privilege to parent you. Our privilege to watch you grow up, our joy to be your parents. Now you're Seventeen and we know it wont be long before you pack up and go away to College.
The time has flown. You are our only son. You are our Pride and Joy. You are a godly young man. You are our Scott. Thank you God!"

Brave. Dedicated. Driven. Gentle. Funny. Quiet. Sensitive. Loving. Thoughtful.

Heres a shot of our son I did on his 17th birthday! WE LOVE YOU SCOTT!

A shot of Scott limping off the field after having a bad muscle cramp in his calf and thigh muscle. The game came to a stop because we all thought he was injured, he couldnt get up. Hes clenching his fists and in pain. I make sure he has better nutrition now so it doesnt happen again. They are playing Friday night in Mineral Wells against Burnet, If you want to attend friends and family, just let me know! My call me at the studio at 940-761-5111 Hugs!
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