Friday, October 02, 2009

Does he look sick to you?

Does this 16 year old boy look sick to you? Our son has been having fever and sore throat for almost 3 weeks. He doesn't know how to slow down though. He told me he was okay and that he didnt want to let anyone down. Not his coaches, not his teachers, not his youth pastor. Certainly not his girlfriend. Football practice and games, Advanced Placement classes, Straight As, Working, Church, chores, washing his car, more football practice, and a girlfriend that likes to spend a lot of time with him.
So when he completely lost his voice after fighting this for 3 weeks we took him to the Dr.
From all the moms Ive talked to, Mono wipes you out! They say that their kids were in bed for 6-8 weeks! They said they were listless and lethargic and miserable. (Mono- also known as Epstein Barr is a serious disease! ) Not this kid. He is amazing. We don't know where his strength comes from. But to have both Strep and Mono at the same time is a lot. He dropped 21 lbs in 2 weeks! O course he cant go to school, his spleen swelled and he woke up over and over all night. He laid quietly in his room at night miserble but wouldnt wake us and tell us.
He shivered with the chills, but wouldnt tell us. He would get up and go to school and try to do his best. He even worked out a couple fo times while he had fever! (I was upset, he could spread it around!)

So finally he is out of school all week, once we got the diaginosis, we put him to bed. Hes been watching all the Lord of the Rings Movies (Wow what amazing photography in these movies!) and the Alien series and Indiana Jones series.
He is doing his homework and not getting behind. He can barely talk now. His throat was so swollen up that it looked like he had giant red golf balls in his mouth. I made him blue jello and they turned into giant red and blue golf balls in his mouth. He never slows down.
Hes like the energizer bunnies. But to see the thermometer read 101.6 and to see the sweat on his forehead at dinner every night I dont know how he did it. I would be in bed for sure.
Hes the toughest kid I know. I shot this yesterday while he watched tv.
I can tell hes lost muscle and weight. He still isn't eating much. But last night he asked me to make him grilled cheese sandwiches and is drinking water like its going out of style.
Gosh I love that boy. :-) Hes definitely not a whiner and the toughest boy I know. Hurry and get well Scott, we love you.
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Anonymous said...

Awwww.. tell Scott I had this once and it was hell. I was so tired.. I feel for him. :(

I hope he starts to feel better soon. Even when sick, he's still the most handsome 16 year old I know!