Monday, September 21, 2009

cutie pie sisters!

For several years I have been creating paintings, both watercolor and oil paintings of my clients. These are called our Giclee prints.

Ive often written about them. IN FACT IVE WRITTEN A BOOK ON HOW TO DO THEM FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS titled "From Ordinary to Extraordinary." Email me for info. Retails for $49.95 but has step by step instructions on how to turn your portraits into beautiful oil paintings (using your computer and a software program.)

Here is a "pastel" image i created this week for baby girl Audrey. This image is on watercolor textured paper and is breathtaking in person! Call us for more info on how to get your own. I can do the photography and the painting, or I can paint an image that you already have. I can combine multiple images into one to create a special image. (Take one shot of mom, one of dad and some of the children and make a family portrait that is painted and looks as if it was taken all at the same time!
Give us a call or email for more info! 940-761-5111 or email
We are closed on Mondays! I'm at a convention today!

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