Monday, July 13, 2009


Just wanted to say HAPPY MONDAY to you all. What? You re groaning that its Monday? If you love your job the way I do, then you don't groan, well not often that is. haha. (I do like my beauty sleep.)
I always receive emails from the Bishop Realtor Group from Mr. Ashton Gustafson Monday mornings on various things going on with them and in the real estate business and I love their positive outlook.
Im proud to say that Ive photographed them and they are a great bunch of folks!

Times are hard in various parts of the country, but we are lucky to live in Texoma where life is really good!

Just wanted to let you guys know that we've got various things in the works. Right now is kicking off our Senior Portrait Season. The Class of 2010 is coming in for portraits and we've got a few weddings in the works. Of course Families and Children are always coming in year round.
Currently we are not offering any specials except for our Class of 2010. Give us a call for more info on that!

In the mean time I hope you get a chance to enjoy some time off, take the boat out to the lake, or just take a dip in your pool, or head up to Lake Texoma.

There is so much going on in the summer in Texoma and we are so proud to live in this area with all you fine folks. It will be 15 years this September that we flew in from Okinawa Japan and you've all made us feel welcome. Of course Texas is our home, I'm from the Odessa/ Midland area and my husband grew up in Irving Texas.

Ive got to go pour myself some Iced Tea and fresh lemon and get back to work now.
Have a great Monday YALL!

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