Monday, June 01, 2009

My beach house in 2014

Dixies beach house

PHOTO: Pottery Barn Catalog

I want this living room! When we retire in just a few years (cant believe its so close!) and move near the Gulf of Mexico,
this is how i want to decorate our living room. Its always been my dream to have a place by the ocean and I'm going to have it very sparse, white and blue and simple. Just like the beach and sea shore are. When we lived in Japan, we were not far from the beach (I could see islands off in the distance from the upstairs bedrooms) and our living room was cream, and white with touches of sand and black. Very soothing. Id find shells and coral on the beach when we would scuba dive and bring them home. Okinawa had the best diving!

This room is from Pottery Barn and I love it. This is my style for sure. When I was little, we lived in Oregon for a short time, and we went to the beach a lot. When I'm at the beach, i feel so happy and the smell of the sea air always just fills me with peace.

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