Friday, June 26, 2009

Hailey and Landry

I'm really honored when I have wonderful clients that love coming back to us over and over. It really warms my heart to get to know these people and to watch their beautiful children grow up. As Ive said many times, this career is about relationships and I'm a warm fuzzy and cant imagine doing anything else. So here's two precious little girls that Ive been watching grow up. Hailey just turned 4 and shes turning into a beautiful young lady! Shes funny and energetic and talkative. You cant outsmart her! Shes very tender with her little sister and doesn't mind sharing with her! We had a wonderful day, and the weather was beautiful outside that day.

Our amazing graphic artist/photographer Lauren created this slideshow while I was on vacation and I just got to see it today. (I shot the images and she created the show).
Thank you Lauren, its adorable! And thank You Melody for bringing your baby girls in!

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