Thursday, May 07, 2009

We can almost see the light at the end of the Tunnell

WOW, Im just loving this nice cloudy weather. Its a nice break from the Hot summer we are going to have soon!
I just wanted you guys to know we are working hard here at the studio for you!
I was going to take a Trip To Atlanta this weekend with my husband but with the studio hopping the way it is right now, Were staying home and going to be doing Saturday deliveries and working Monday too!

Thanks for giving us a banner 2nd Quarter of the year! We appreciate all of you!
(Its amazing, when I have a good STAFF, things go along so smoothly and we stay busy. and vice versa)

We know what its like when your Babies graduate high school and go on, because we've been there ourselves. Thanks gang, and if you cant get through on the phone feel free to send us an email! I couldn't ask for a better staff and they are all putting in the extra hours to make sure everyone is taken care of!
Have a good week!
Dixie and Company!
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