Friday, May 08, 2009

A very kind letter!

thank you for the pictures you took of our daughter Amanda for her senior year. Amanda had asked around at Rider and looked at many different photographers before she picked you to take hers. She wanted to make sure she got something different and unique and she definetly got that with you. You made our little girl happy and she has already passed out most of her billfolds at school. I need to order more for her invitations, can i get 75 more of the pose of her with her dog in the Tulips? about how long will that take to get them? Thanks again Dixie and Breanna for your gracious service!!! We had a good time with the refreshments and pictures, just sorry we took so much of your time up that night. We will definetly be back with her brother Huck this summer.
Thanks again,
Amanda, Barbara and John W.
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