Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mothers Day!

What cha gonna get your mom for Moms Day this year? How about the Gift of a Portrait?

Ask anyone who has lost their home to a Tornado, or a FLOOD, or a HURRICANE and ask them what they miss most from their home? What possession? And they will tell you "THEIR PICTURES!"

We often forget how important pictures are to us until we loose them.

That's why it makes a great gift to get your Mom a Gift Certificate from Photography by Dixie. Then she can take her time, set up an appointment and get a family portrait, or just a portrait of her kiddos. Or anything she likes! Also, we offer DOUBLE THE MONEY on our G.C.s

So If you buy her a $25.00 one, you actually get a $50.00 one! Spend $50. and you'll get a $100.00 G.C.!

So what cha waiting for! Pick up the phone, give us a call and get your MOMMIE DEAREST a Gift Certificate so she can get more pictures. Just what every mama wants!

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