Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Just wanted to tell you all to have a safe Memorial day weekend. If you re traveling or if you are going to be out on the lake! Please be careful! We are looking forward to a weekend Camping out at Possum Kingdom lake! Were taking the boat out there and pitching our tent. The weather has been so beautiful! Taking the kids and looking forward to it.

My friends tease me because I"ACTUALLY LIKE" to camp! My dad taught me the thrill of camping. We would really rough it and so to me camping now, doesn't feel like roughing it. We have a nice big tent and air mattresses. My dad would take us camping with no tent, and the only luxury we had was a Coleman stove.

We gathered our own firewood and many times we saw or killed rattlesnakes near our camp. Also there were NO TREES where we would go.We'd sleep under the stars or in the car. (Try sleeping in the trunk of your car with a bad sunburn! AUGH!

We'd go deep into the mountains on some land a friend of his owned. Then in the afternoon, we'd drive to Balmorhea and swim in the Gi-normous swimming pool(I think its the largest in the WORLD! SPRING FED THAT IS.)
So have a great weekend everyone!
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