Friday, May 22, 2009

It cost you nothing to dream...

I love this painting by Rodney White. I saw it this weekend in Austin at World market and I ordered it. I'm adding lots of yellows and greens to our home this year.

In the summer, i love to make Lemonade from scratch. Nothing tastes better than REAL LEMONADE. Our backyard is almost finished. The flowers are almost all in, the decks are stained. We trimmed the Crepe Myrtles and the boxwoods. Power washed the satillio tile. I'm working on a Mosaic on our bar and I just need to buy one more umbrella. We practically LIVE OUTDOORS in the summer. So I might hang this painting out on our patio. I already bought a Yellow Big Market Umbrella and some lime green pillows. That's my color scheme for this year. I change it every year. We plan on having lots of pool parties. The first one is an end of school party for our son and all his football buddies and friends. Then were having another one with my family. We used to always have one for my photographer friends in the guild every memorial weekend, but we have missed out on that the past few years. Got to start that tradition back up again! And I like to have "half a day Fridays" where my employees and I have training in the morning on Fridays, and we watch educational videos that I buy, where we can learn to do our jobs better, and then at 1:00 we close the studio and go in our backyard and relax and just have fun together as a group. I started this back in 2001 and we tried to do it at least twice in the summer, or more. I play Jimmy Buffett music and serve Lemonade and my husband makes his fajitas and baby back ribs. (Better than Chilis! I tell you that!)

Well, back to packing the boat for our trip to go to the lake. With the yard looking this pretty, id almost rather stay home this Memorial Weekend! Have a good one y'all!
BTW, I love this one too. With my husband being a FLYBOY, and my love of art, and all things vintage, I need this one too! By Mr. White.
I just love art. And the message is awesome too!
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