Sunday, May 31, 2009

Holland Turns 11 months old

During Hollands photo session, her mom was changing her clothes and she got loose and took off on the staircase in our studio and she had never done that before and her mom was freaking out and so I thought it was appropriate to add it to the slideshow! I love you little Holland, you always brighten my day when you come each month! Be sure and click on the HQ button for HIGH QUALITY.
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Kirk and Leah Horton said...

I love the video/slideshow! I tear up everytime I see it. :)


Anonymous said...

That was the most precious thing I have ever seen. Holland is so adorable. I even teared up while watching it. I love spending time with her at Mom's. She's so sweet. The way the slideshow/video was done and the pics, too, were awesome! Christia