Thursday, April 30, 2009


Shalay Shalay2


shalay walking on the RR tracks

Okay I know what you are thinking. Wow, what a pretty day with such a pretty girl. It was just effortless with weather like that and a model like her.

But it was not.

First of all, the photos with the Hay Bales... I saw the hay and Ive always loved Hay like that, it reminds me of the Hill Country down by Fredericksburg and I love the smell of it. So i decided this would be a great location for some of Shalays portraits.

As we walked out into the field I noticed the ground was a little muddy. The next thing I knew I was sinking like quicksand! And I mean half way up to my knees! I was carrying my bag, my Canon 5D, a reflector and I was stuck! Now Shalay, being light as a feather, was still mostly on top of the mud, was sinking a bit, but with each step she regained her footing.

So this process was very slow. Take a step. SLOOP! down into the cold mud, where more water lie waiting to quickly fill around me foot, and then another step, SLOOP! Then the part of trying to Yank my other foot OUT! SLLLLOCCCKKKI! (Like the sound when my dentist removed my abscessed wisdom tooth once!) and then repeat over and over. SLOOP! SLOOOCK! SLOOP! SLOOOCK! SLOOP! SLOOOCK! Each time my feet being covered with more muck and sometimes it would shoot up behind me skimming across my Clam diggers (now I know why they call these types of pants Clam diggers!) because you can pull them up and wade in mud! I didn't see any clams, but I saw Cow patties and stickers and ants!

FUN! (now why did i got to school for like 9 years?? for this? Shalay laughed out loud, Big Belly laughs at my antics. I bet I was a sight. White Pants? What was I thinking? I felt like Mike Rowe in one of his episodes of "Dirty Jobs."

The mud was ice cold down about 5 or six inches down, and the contrast of the hot wind and sun in my face and wind blowing, was an odd sensation. It seemed like eternity to get back to my vehicle. I used a stick to try and rake the 3 inches of mud off the bottom of my feet and legs. PRETTY...

Then we went to location #2. I chose a spot Id never been to, based on the fact that she wanted railroad tracks and I'm burned out on the 2 places I go that every other photographer in the county goes to. So i found this out of the way place. The first thing I noticed was there were buzzards circling above. That should of been my first clue. I shrugged it off because I had another shoot coming in only 15 minutes to my studio and I needed to get Crack-a-Lackin'!..........

So as we are hurriedly walking to the tracks I spy something lying on the side of the road, something Large..... and HAIRY... and Huge.... I Screamed "WHAT THE H*LL!" To my horror, it was a dead HAVALENA HOG! AUGHHHH! Now that's GLAMOROUS! My model and her mother cracked up laughing because of my body language and my horror on my face! They were more taken by my face and reaction than the fact that we were a couple of feet away from a GI-NORMOUS DEAD HOG!!!

Needless to say, we finished our shoot, with my legs caked in mud up to my knees, my white pants riddled with mud and a dead swine lying only a few yards from us. and I got back into my Van thanking God I had the sense to schedule a full detailing of my van on Monday because God knows its going to need it, especially if this queasy feeling in my stomach doesn't go away soon.

Ahhh... the life of a Master Photographer. So Glamorous!

(PS you should of seen the faces of my next appointment as i exited my vehicle. They starred in disbelief that this crazy lady in the Coral Top and muddy white pants and dried mud up to her knees walked up to them and introduced herself. Priceless!

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